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News: Cam’ron Talks Hoops And Hip Hop With ESPN

Posted by prinzthepistoleer on March 25, 2009


Cam’ron‘s basketball past may be known to some, but others may have overlooked his skills due to his success in the music business. Recently, ESPN The Magazine spoke with Cam about a variety of topics and they touched on more than just music.

To begin, he explained his short career in basketball.

“I grew up in New York City: Harlem, New York. I played ball for probably two of the biggest amateur basketball organizations in the city. One being the Gauchos, the other being the Riverside Hawks. I went to Manhattan Center High School. I never graduated, but I came out of high school Top 25 in the country in the class of 1994. I ended up going to a junior college called Navarro Junior College in Texas, which is in between Dallas and Waco. I tore my hamstring when I was there, and I redshirted my first year. And when I came back home, I ended up getting back into the music business. I didn’t get a chance to get back into sports because music started taking off for me. That’s kinda how my basketball career went.”

As a result of his accolades as a ball player, Cam also noted major universities were looking into him as a prospect including USC and Georgetown. One of his basketball teammates ended up being an important piece to his music industry success.

“[Mase] played for Riverside and Gauchos too. We ended up seeing a lot of each other in high school. You know, he was a point guard and I was a 2-guard, so it was a lot of fun.”

After discussing playing with and against the likes of Stephon Marbury, Rafer “Skip to My Lou” Alston, Tim Thomas and Brevin Knight, Killa shifted the focus back to the music; he also noted some upcoming projects.

“I’m kinda happy just doing what I’m doing though, because it’s never guaranteed,” Cam noted. “And it ain’t like I’m 6’7”, I’m 6-foot with shoes on. So I still root for the undersized guys now…After the album, I got a movie coming out in October. Then I’m putting out another album this December.” (source: HHDX)


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