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News: Diddy Hearts Cassie, Rihanna Turns States, Kelly Rowland Kicked Out The Building “Mutually”

Posted by prinzthepistoleer on April 2, 2009



Written by Soul Rebel

Chrihanna Saga Continues

With less than a week until Chris Brown’s April 6 arraignment, rumors continue to swirl around the couple who are currently putting some distance between each other. The latest from the rumor mill has Rihanna requesting a public apology from Chris – as a guest on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show.

Sources affiliated with Look Magazine say “Rihanna has been talking to Oprah Winfrey on a regular basis since late February when Oprah begged her not to take Chris back. She’s been having second thoughts about them being back together.”

“Agreeing to go on Oprah’s show and tell the world how sorry he is will help make up her mind,” the insider went on to tell Look Magazine.

Sorry or not, even an apology may not keep Rihanna from taking the stand against her man. Contrary to a story released by Fox News Monday night, both Rihanna’s lawyer and the Los Angeles County District Attorney Spokesperson say the “Take A Bow” diva is cooperating with the Chris Brown ‘making criminal threats’ and ‘felony assault’ case.

“She will do everything that the law requires her to do,” Rihanna’s attorney Donald Etra told US Magazine Monday.” Nothing has changed”.

Los Angeles County D.A. spokesperson Sandi Gibbons backs Etra’s statement that Rihanna is cooperating: “We deal with her attorney, who says she is a cooperating victim,” Gibbons told US.

Rebel Talking… Watch out Chris, Oprah been looking hungry lately, and she WILL eat you alive.

T (In A World Of) Pain

T-Pain has got to be having the worst week ever. First his Daddy completely turned on him, writing a four-page-letter to detailing his, Akon and Akon’s brother’s shady ways:

“T-Pain said in an interview that I so-called blackmailed him for $250,000. I am the first black male in the damn family. I am the original black male. (laughs) … I’ve never asked for $250,000 and I really don’t appreciate being lied on. I’ve heard all kinds of stuff, but when you challenge me as a man and as a father, I hate that with a passion.”

That quote is just the tip of the iceberg, but to make matters worse, just a few days later Pain has a calamitous golf cart accident, causing him to lose four teeth.

As if that wasn’t enough, some guy named Total Kaos goes ballistic on him, claiming he’s the originator of Pain’s current collabo with Maino “All The Above” and calls up Pain’s pops for an assist, which he obliges by revealing Pain’s conception was a “mistake.”

Rebel Talking… Pain your grill will be freshly blinged by next week, but it looks like you “Sprung” a leak where your dad is concerned. You better get right wit ya Pops homeboy, cuz it looks like he ain’t shuttin’ up anytime soon.

Outta “Work”

After word got out that Columbia Records was pushing Kelly Rowland out the nest, the singer made it her business to set the haters straight, releasing a press release alongside the label claiming the split was a mutual one.

“Because Columbia Records has been my home base as an artist for more than a decade, the decision to move out on my own required a lot of soul-searching,” Rowland said via statement. “As a solo artist, I felt the need to explore new directions, new challenges, and new freedoms outside my comfort zone and my friends and family at Columbia have been incredibly understanding about my evolution. I want to thank everyone at Columbia for the love and support they’ve shown and I will never forget how many good times we’ve had over the years.”

The label responded in kind:

“Kelly Rowland is one of our finest contemporary artists and a musical force to be reckoned with,” said Rob Stringer, CEO, Columbia/Epic Label Music Group. “It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with Kelly and we will continue our working relationship with her under the Destiny’s Child moniker. The decision for Kelly to seek other opportunities for her solo career was agreed upon mutually, and any reports to the contrary are false.”

And just a day later, word on the streets is despite their retirement, Destiny’s Child will be reuniting in 2011 in order to fulfill their Columbia obligations.

“They still have another album they owe their label, Columbia Records, on their contract,” a well-placed insider says.

Rebel Talking… It’s no mystery why Columbia was willing to fake the funk for Kelly… they still want those Destiny’s Child dollars.

Official Girl

Apparently Diddy and Cassie are no longer hiding their love. According to the pair were spotted at a private after hours party at Diddy’s Miami home this weekend getting quite steamy.

“Diddy and Cassie were definitely together. They were all over each other and didn’t leave each other’s side the whole night,” a guest at the soiree spilled. “They were hooking up all night.” The party went until well past 7 am, when house DJ Felix played a special set for Diddy and his guests.

Rebel Talking … Poor girl. Diddy will continue to deny until she’s walking around with his child. Ask Sarah Chapman.

While you were wondering what the heck Beyonce’ has been wearing on tour, I was busy laughing at Mr. Mariah Carey’s “It’s The Real” video and wondering how long til Ray J.’s girl Danger lives up to her name. (source: sohh)


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