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News: Fat Joe Changes Royalty Status, “I’m The King Of Africa”

Posted by prinzthepistoleer on April 2, 2009

Fat Joe-2009-2-7-300x300.jpg

Fat Joe

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe has upped his royalty status from “Prince” to “King of Africa” with the release of new footage of him in Angola.

While proclaiming his impact on the country, Joey Crack also indirectly joked about rap rival 50 Cent who had his jewelery stolen from him at a concert there last year.

“Every week I’m in Africa,” Joe said in a video. “I’ma start showing you sh*t you ain’t ever seen in your life. All different parts of Africa. I done been to everywhere…Ghana, I done did Ghana. I live in Angola. So, you know, it’s not dangerous like people say. I know people got robbed over there. I got footage of me in the barber shop, hanging in the hood, hanging out with everybody on the corner, having a great time. It’s beautiful in Angola…So you know, King of Afirca man. Stay tuned, you gonna find out a lot about Africa real soon.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Fif’s incident took place while performing in Angola around May 2008.

50 Cent had his necklace stolen by a fan during a concert in Angola. The incident, which took place as the rapper was onstage, was captured on video by a fan. In the video, the music stops as the person grabs the necklace and climbs back into the crowd. Responding to the incident on his website, 50 said security at the concert had been “limited” and “fans were able to interact with the group onstage”. Contrary to the fans video, the rapper claims his own footage of the incident shows he “pushed him off the stage and jumped into the crowd and then all hell broke loose.” (Gigwise)

On numerous occassions, Joe has professed his love for Africa.

“Africa, what a lovely place,” Joe said in an interview. “The video looks beautiful. Akon, it was an honor to work with him. We’ve been friends for years and featured on tracks together. We finally got our own record together. He’s the King of Africa. I’m the Prince of Africa. I get nothing but love from Africa. The people are amazing. It was a natural thing for me and ‘Kon to get together and make a song.” (MTV)

Being a Puerto Rican rapper, Joe has addressed the heat he has received in the past for using the racially-targeted N-word in his raps and in interviews.

“I’m with [DJ] Khaled on that speedy boat,” Joe raps, “When it comes to Latin emcees there’s none bigga/ Now who’s gonna tell me that I can’t say n*gga/ N*gga n*gga n*gga n*gga n*gga b*tch h*e/ ‘Cause some independent ladies yeah they make a lotta dough/ So they get nothin’ but love and respect from Fat Joe.” (eLyrics)

Aside from music, Joey will reportedly be releasing his own brand of shoes in the near future.

Joey Crack may have started a trend of licking the soles of your unworn Air Force Ones thanks to his unforgettable closet feature on MTV Cribs, but Joe now has his own shoe with the new low cost brand Protege. Terror Squad gets a call out on the upper of the shoes dubbed The Recession. Protege, like Starbury, is one of the latest low cost shoe brands started up by NBA players distributed exclusively to cost conscious outlets that include K-Mart. No word yet if these will sport the $35 price tag that most Protege shoes go for. (Nice Kicks) (source: sohh)


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