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News: Fabolous Congratulates Joe Budden’s Girl For King Cover, “The Stupid Rapper Would’ve Said Something Else”

Posted by prinzthepistoleer on April 21, 2009



Written by Danica Dow

Though he once dated Joe Budden‘s current girlfriend Tahiry, New York rapper Fabolous has no ill feelings towards the current King magazine cover girl.

Fabolous told SOHH that he’s happy that Tahiry scored her first magazine cover.

“I definitely think it was big for her being that she’s never been on the cover of anything. I think that’s kind of an accomplishment to say the least,” he said. “She’s not a model. She’s just Joe Budden’s girlfriend and she ended up being on King mag. It’s just congratulations really.  The stupid rapper right here would’ve said something else, that would’ve got another blog made back at me but it’s congratulations. I’m happy for her.” 

Earlier this year, Budden confirmed that Tahiry and Fabolous have dated in the past.

“My girlfriend dated Fab,” he said. “Saying that today it comes across as, yeah your girlfriend dated a rapper that you was cool with. [But]my girlfriend dated him in ’99-2000 before Fabolous was Fabolous. It was a little funny at first but it was something that we’re all alright with. Me and him will never ever have a beef. Me and him had a relationship, my girl and him have their own separate relationship and their still friends today. It’s not anything I’m uncomfortable with. It’s not anything I’m insecure about. (HipHopGossipSite)

The Tahiry cover, which is currently on newsstands, marks the final issue of the men’s mag.

SOHH has learned urban lifestyle publication King Magazine will be shutting its doors and will be releasing its final issue as a result of the current economic crisis. The popular men’s magazine is known for featuring a variety of urban entertainers and video vixens mixed with in-depth coverage of serious issues. (source: sohh)


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