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News: Jim Jones Twitters Assault Case, “I’m Looking For Oprah”

Posted by prinzthepistoleer on April 21, 2009

Jim Jones

Jim Jones

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Byrd Gang leader Jim Jones‘ trial for assault was reportedly delayed after he appeared in a New York City courtroom today (April 21).

While an official statement has yet to surface, Jimmy updated fans via his Twitter account of the day’s proceedings and also called for help from television host Oprah Winfrey.

“Back in court for the bullsh*t Louis Vuitton incident,” Jones wrote unmodified. “No marijuana eyes though, kept it sober for this morning but guess what I have in the car? Still waiting in this court room lol…And now I’m sitting here waiting for a trial date sometime in June. I swear n*ggas is suckers, is there no rules to this sh*t no more? I’m looking for Oprah, has anybody heard from her yet help me out, tell her I’m trying to get on her show, I need some counseling please.” (Jim Jones’ Twitter)

He previously appeared in court last month turning down a possible plea deal.

Jones has rejected a plea deal that would have required 10 days of community service for allegedly attacking a rival recording artist’s friend. Jones, 32, was charged with misdemeanor assault after a fight with Javon Smith inside a Louis Vuitton store on East 57th Street. Smith was with R&B singer-rapper Ne-Yo. Defense lawyer Scott Leemon called the case “a setup for a civil lawsuit” and payday for Javon Smith. Leemon says witnesses reported Jones did not start the fight and is innocent. (Associated Press)

Jones pleaded not guilty on the assault charges.

Jones pleaded not guilty on Wednesday (February 4). “I’m trying to stay away from this building,” quipped the “Pop Champagne” rapper as he emerged from Manhattan Criminal Court after being arraigned. He downplayed the misdemeanor assault charge stemming from the Dec. 22 with Jayvon Smith. “It’s what you call an expensive inconvenience,” said Jones, wrapping an arm around his lawyer, Scott Leemon. (New York Daily News)

He has also publicly spoken on the alleged assault in various interviews.

Ain’t nothin’ happen, like shout-outs to Ne-Yo, Jones said in an interview. “Nothing went on with Ne-Yo. I couldn’t do that man. That would be a little bit wrong to put my hands on Ne-Yo. He’s a talented young man. The ladies like him.” (Big Boy’s Neighborhood) (source: sohh)


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