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News: Jadakiss Joins Forces W/ Cam’ron, “Killa’s My Homie From The Mase Era”

Posted by prinzthepistoleer on June 2, 2009


Written by Cyrus Langhorne

D-Block‘s Jadakiss recently spoke on his summer plans with Cam’ron and how their history together makes them easy collaborators.

In addition to working on new music, Kiss confirmed reports of the duo hitting the road together this summer.

“We actually working on a few more songs right now,” Jada said in an interview. “I’m about to throw him on the ‘Who’s Real’ remix. Hopefully him and Kanye [West]. We’re about to just trade off two or three more songs each and we’re gonna rock. We’re doing House of Blues-type joints. ‘Hood venues…but not too ‘hood..Killa’s my homie from back in the day in the Mase era. Mase introduced me to him before he had the Dipset. It was just [Cam] and [Jim] Jones running with [former label exec] Un [Rivera]. It’s love. We’re from the same era, so we appreciate the same things. We know about getting to the money, grinding before the game changed.” (MTV)

Along with Cam, DMX recently said he would be featured on the “Who’s Real” remix.

“I was born ready for this [tour] man,” X said in an interview last month. “BFW, ‘Built For War’ that’s what we do all day, it’s nothing. It’s not a motherf*cking game man, this is what we do. It’s what we built for, it’s how we get down. Real talk. That new Kiss and Swizz [Beatz] joint, you know what I’m saying? ‘She’s phony, she’s fake, she’s fake, that’s the type of people I hate.’ Aigght? I’m on the remix, check that sh*t out son, real talk.” (AllAZHipHop)

Jada recently hinted at hitting the road alongside Killa.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said in an interview about touring. “Me and Killa gon’ go out. After that Apollo show, man, that was a good look.” (Hip Hop Game)

Cam made headlines after his surprise appearance at Kiss’ concert performance earlier this year in Harlem, New York.

However, the biggest surprise was the unexpected appearance of Dipset’s Cam’ron, who has recently returned from a self-imposed exile. Offering fans memories of Diplomats’ early days on Roc-A-Fella, Cam performed “I Really Mean It” and “Suck It Or Not” before giving Jada a pound saying, “Thank y’all, it’s Dipset all day, everyday.” (SOHH On The Scene)


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