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News: Jay-Z’s “Death Of Autotune” Music Video Teaser Spreads Online

Posted by prinzthepistoleer on June 27, 2009


Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Jay-Z‘s upcoming controversial “Death of Autotune” music video has leaked online featuring nearly a minute of footage from the rapper’s upcoming Blueprint 3 album.

While the originator of the leak has yet to be determined, the music video snippet only shows Jay-Z.

Opening with an abandoned alley way with a car pulling up, the rap mogul is seen dressed in all black with shades and his latest grown-out hairstyle as he enteres through a graffiti-laced door. Just over ten seconds into the clip, a subtitle reads “After The Show’s Over” which is followed by “The Show Begins!” Moving across an open room softly lit, Jay is both heard and seen saying “Nah nah nah nah….hey, hey, hey…good-bye” illustrating the song’s introduction. Giving viewers a quick collection of still shots of Jay-Z in a restaurant, explosions and the New York City skyline, a message follows at the end promising the video’s full premiere will follow-up this Sunday’s BET Awards 2009 showcase. (SOHH)

News broke out earlier this month with photos from the video shoot and reactions.

“On the set of Jay-Z’s video for ‘D.O.A.’ at secret location shhh,” Nelly of SecretLifeBaby wrote via Twitter yesterday (June 16). “Just got back to the video shoot for Jay-Z’s D.O.A. song….ya’ll r gonna luv this video..shhhh can’t tell u about it u’ll have to wait! Patron must be so happy rappers are constantly mentioning their stuff! Of course it’s in Jay’s video…free marketing is priceless. Hova pouring some of that Patron….yeaaaahhhhh…@djcamilo Keep that D.O.A. record spinning! Hov’s still filming the video as we speak. Lol, can’t sorry : ) u’ll have to wait 2 weeks like everyone else….it’ll be worth it!” (Secret Life Baby’s Twitter)

Hip-Hop journalist Dream Hampton also confirmed the video shoot.

“Headed to the set of D.O.A. to check the young homie [Jay-Z],” she wrote yesterday via Twitter. “Gonna let him peak @ some stuff I’ve been writing, help him w/ his rhymes (teehee).” (Dream Hampton’s Twitter)

Takaing aim at the recent upsurge in autotune usage and calling for its “death,” Jay’s street record has struck a cord with select rappers including Jim Jones.

“We’re getting money off of autotune, it’s just sounding like somebody’s trying to knock a hustle and I don’t think that’s a little bit gangster if you ask me,” Jones explained. “We getting money. He’s knocking the hustle, ya dig? If these young men are making money off of autotune why would you try to stop that, when you got all the money already? I seen him [at Summer Jam], I don’ think he wanted to see me. He almost stopped the whole concert because he said I was in the way of him getting on stage and all of that. But that’s politics for the game, ya dig? How you doing? We back, we ballin’, we poppin’ champagne.” (“106 & Park”)

The BET Awards 2009 takes place this Sunday (June 28) from Los Angeles, California.


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