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News: Styles P Questions “Multi-Platinum” Rappers’ Success, “I’ve Seen People Do That & Shoot Down”

Posted by prinzthepistoleer on June 27, 2009


Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Lox‘s Styles P recently spoke on the misconception of “platinum status” and why his rap group has always placed power and respect over the money.

In addition to describing the differences between financially successful and having longevity within hip-hop, the “Ghost” also pointed out his commercial and street respect.

“I’ve been with people I’ve seen who sold multi-million records,” Styles explained in an interview. “I’ve known people who have had multi-million dollars, I’m still here. I’ve seen people do that and shoot down. I’ve seen people on top and say, ‘D*mn I wish I could still go back to the ‘hood or walk through the hood or have a certain amount of respect in the hood. I feel proud we’ve been able to stay here and remain who we are…We went platinum, we ain’t go multi-platinum but I’ve been platinum. People who went multi-platinum could never say they got what I got, like sometimes, I was raised to be able to see what you have and appreciate that. Some motherf*ckers will look like ‘D*mn, they ain’t gonna be rich ’til they get 10 million, 20 million. I can tell you today that if I had f*cking zero dollars in lint, I’m still rich because of the kind of person I am…I got the power of the streets and sometimes you can’t buy love. Give me all the respect and half the money, any day, before you give me all the money and half the respect.” (All Access DVD)

Former rap rival 50 Cent recently spoke on artists’ lack of creativity and focus on album sales.

“What I fell in love with and inspired me to get into hip-hop is dwindling away,” he explained in an interview. “I’d like to be a representation of that, because there isn’t much of that left. I think people are so conscious of the numbers they’re not being creative anymore.” (Billboard)

Styles also said his D-Block focus was now developing the younger emcees rather than aiming for big record sales.

“Things aren’t going to happen overnight,” he said in an interview. “If they don’t get enough then we just have to keep on working harder. But the D-Block fans are embracing them. Are we going to do big, incredible, crazy numbers? No, we’re not…We’re out to get people to know them and we’re out for them to establish a career for longevity. We’re not here to hit a homer right away.” (Hip Hop Game)

Aside from music, Styles is currently prepping his upcoming book, Mr. Invincible.

“I also got a fiction book coming out,” Styles confirmed in an interview. “A fiction novel called Mr. Invincible. That’ll be in a couple months, so go support that. I’m getting my author up. I just wanted to make sure I’m comfortable and got a few things I could do that I enjoy doing. I’m a creative person and I like creating. So I just wanted another job where I could create and make some money and doing something that I like to do.” (Forbez DVD)

A confirmed release date for Mr. Invincible has not yet been announced.


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