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News: The Alchemist Gives Prodigy Prison Update, “He’s Writing & I’m Making The Beats”

Posted by prinzthepistoleer on June 27, 2009


Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Mobb Deep associate The Alchemist recently updated fans on the well-being of incarcerated rapper Prodigy and promised, despite serving a prison sentence, P has been working on his rhymes.

In addition to revealing how he’s sending Prodigy beats, Alchemist also said any production he makes for the rapper will be off-limits to other emcees for the time being.

“In all actuality, I am actually putting beats on cassettes and sending them to P,” Al revealed in an interview. “P made a couple of power moves and he got himself a hold of some paper and he wrote…there’s a good chance that he’ll still have them when he’s released. Anybody who’s that interested [with the beats] will just have to wait until the god P comes home and then we’ll see what happens. But just know that music doesn’t stop. We have telephones and paper and communication and he’s writing and I’m making the beats and you can pretty much gurantee that we’re going to make some pretty good sh*t. We’re both conscious of what we’ve already made and we’re not going to make the same sh*t. We’re both staying working and it’s nothing. The world ain’t ready.” (Hip Hop Game)

Al previously spoke on visiting Prodigy and the change in music since he reported to jail in early 2008.

“Free P,” Al exclaimed in an interview. “That’s my man. I support him all the way. I see him frequently and he’s doing real good just as far as the fans who wanted to know what’s up, he’s doing real good, he’s healthy. It’s working out, his mind is right. He’s on some real positive, like the only way I can say and the way I feel is the way the music is, in general these days, not saying it’s good or bad but by the way the current state of music is and how I feel it’s gonna get in the next year or so, by the time he comes home which should be about a year, a year and a half, he’s just gonna be like medicine. (The Maguire)

He recently expressed his feelings on the hip-hop police trying to draw illegal connections to rappers.

“They profile rappers,” Al said in an interview. “They are knowledgeable of who is in the rap game…They know who Alchemist is. They know who Prodigy is so when they drive around New York they see ’em, they follow where they’re going, they take pictures, they put together a book…cause they know all the rappers are friends with people in the street, they come from the street…They wanna make connections now so when somebody gets shot or some drug deal goes down, they got all the info…They wanna know the guys in the streets that hang out with the artists. If you listen to rap, nine times outta ten we’re snitching on ourselves…Like Supreme who was connected with Ja Rule…They start saying f*ck that, we’re gonna start watching all these rappers and see who they’re friends with.” (Vod Pod)

Mobb Deep‘s Havoc previously spoke with SOHH about past rumors revolving around Prodigy’s health condition behind bars.

“His health is good as far as I know,” Havoc revealed last November. “He’s in good spirits. He wants to get the f*ck out but he’s feeling good. We just want to hurry up and get him home and get back to normal life.” (SOHH)

Prodigy is reportedly set to be released in 2011.


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