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News: 50 Cent Drops “Where You Are” Michael Jackson Tribute Song

Posted by prinzthepistoleer on June 29, 2009


Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit leader 50 Cent has released a new song hours after the passing of Michael Jackson in honor of the iconic singer’s memory.

Reportedly titled “Where You Are,” the song samples Jackson’s original of the same name and features Fif exchanging bars with the late pop star.

“They say I ain’t lyrical, they say I ain’t a miracle,” 50 raps. “I say some hard sh*t, then they say I ain’t spiritual/They act like they know God better than me, I know God a lod, I used to pump crack up the street…N*gga you ain’t ever gonna see me in the hood, f*ck that sh*t, n*gga I’m too good/Run and go tell 50’s boogee, don’t buy his CDs, don’t go see his movies/Don’t act like you used to in juvie, on that medication, that n*gga be looney…Can it be I’ve been away too long/I’ve been away man, did you forget me? I’m back baby, I’m back…Oh, I’m in Southside, this is that sh*t right here.” (“Where You Are (MJ Tribute)”)
Fif announced his tribute-based song via Twitter.

“new track ‘Where You Are’ – Michael Jackson Tribute,” he wrote. “2 new tracks! ‘Where You Are – Michael Jackson Tribute — ‘Respect It Or Check It Ni**a'” (50 Cent’s Twitter)
G-Unit associate DJ Whoo Kid voiced his thoughts on Jackson’s passing.

“WOW I feel bad for losing mike!,” he wrote via Twitter. “I am alone in my den just sittin here lost! he brought the reality of death to my mind! I feel like somebody stole 25 years of history and experience from my life ! Michael Jackson – D*mn !Can’t believe that he was aware of me! What a wack confusing feeling – this thing called DEATH! What a wake up call! RIP MJ!!! RIP Michael Jackson – MY N-Word FOR Life !” (DJ Whoo Kid’s Twitter)
The “King of Pop” died yesterday (June 25) afternoon.

[Updated at 3:15 p.m.: Pop star Michael Jackson was pronounced dead by doctors this afternoon after arriving at a hospital in a deep coma, city and law enforcement sources told The Times.] [Updated at 2:46 p.m.: Jackson is in a coma and his family is arriving at his bedside, a law enforcement source told The Times. (Los Angeles Times)


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