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News: Fabolous Calls On New York Rappers, “They Trying To Force Us Out”

Posted by prinzthepistoleer on June 29, 2009


Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Fabolous recently spoke on the rap game’s need for balance and why, he says, New York rap styles are not getting their fair share.

In addition to balance, Fab also pointed out what he ?believes is a?lack of Southern radio support for New York artists.

“I’m just trying to hold it down for the city, you know what I mean,” he told radio personality DJ Kay Slay. “We gotta keep pushing from all angles, they trying to force us out. Not really trying to force us out, but take over. We need balance. Everybody can shine but we need balance and New York gotta get in where we fit in, too…[Listening to New York radio] I hear all the people they try to keep away from mainstream radio. I love everything that everybody’s doing but you definitely need balance ’cause I come from that era where you had balance in hip-hop. You had De La Soul but you had hardcore stuff too…You don’t hear nothing [on Southern radio]. You might have something classic, like iconic, they don’t cross that line…It’s a balance too with me because I came from the mixtapes and the streets, but at the same time, I knew once you get to a bigger level and can get seen on TV, you wanna appeal to the ladies as well.” (Streetsweepers Radio)

Fellow Brooklyn, New York emcee Maino recently talked about the hardships of new rappers in the game stemming from the Big Apple.

“Who’s New York’s biggest star, Jay-Z right?,” Maino asked in an interview. “So you mean to tell me that there is no one capable of becoming a Jay-Z? The problem with New York is that we don’t produce stars no more we still stuck on the old stars. I don’t think that it’s just that n*ggas can’t make good music. Take me for example. I have proved hands down that I make good music right? But when Jay-Z puts out a record its gone be like, the biggest thing since the steering wheel…I’m glad Diddy signed Red Cafe cause nowhere [else] is opening up an avenue for a new n*gga. Instead of concentrating so much on his self, he opening it up for a new n*gga. [Uncle] Murda was signed nothing came out of that…The OG’s school you…So it being no camaraderie and no connection it makes it that much harder for a n*gga to make it to that point to be a Jay-Z.” (Rap Radar)

Maino also talked about the lack of New York rap newcomers.

“When you think of New York, you think of certain artists that have been around for years,” Maino explained in an interview. “I don’t have no problems with them because they paved the way for a dude like me. But all I’m saying is they’ve done what they’ve done already. They made their mark in the game, they made their money, they made the opportunities, they fed their family, it’s time to bring New York forward…I feel like right now I’m the future. I’m one of the new faces of New York, if not the only one right now. What other new artist you seeing from New York who has music that’s rapping, not singing?” (Hard Knock TV)

With an upcoming album on the way, SOHH recently spoke with Fab and learned about why he turned down an touring opportunity with Rick Ross and Juelz Santana.

“The thing with the Rick Ross tour, I think it was like a two-week run and I felt like I just wanted to go a different way,” Fab explained. “I didn’t really want to do an arena tour or any kind of mixture of that. I wanna do something more intimate, you know, House of Blues type of setting , theater kind of setting and something that complimented me supportive-wise. Not to say Rick Ross and Juelz didn’t, hip-hop’s so sensitive that you have to do a disclaimer for everything you say. And this project, Loso’s Way, I also wanted to do a show with a band…Some hip-hop acts need to try that as well, ’cause it’s really instrumental…I just wanted to do something different, so I’m not gonna be on that tour, but look for me to be out on the road late July.” (SOHH)

Loso’s Way is currently scheduled to hit stores Tuesday, July 28th via Def Jam Records.


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