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News: Suge Knight Beat-Down At All-Star Party, Akon Associate Charged For The Assault

Posted by prinzthepistoleer on February 17, 2009

Suge Knight
Suge Knight

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

A man from Akon‘s camp, Robert Carnes Jr., was arrested and charged with one count of felony aggravated assault on rap mogul Suge Knight Monday (February 16) morning in Arizona.

The confrontation reportedly took place at the W Hotel in Scottsdale.

“At about 3:30 AM, police were called to a private party on the second floor of the W Hotel,” the police report reads. “Hotel security personnel called police when they became concerned that there would be a fight between two groups of guests having heated words in the VIP area. Officers arrived and watched a group of about 6-8 guests exiting the VIP area. They saw one person, later identified as Robert Carnes Jr., punch the victim in the head two times. Officers deployed tasers to quell the fight that erupted.” (TMZ)

Knight was rushed to a local hospital shortly after the physical altercation.

Officers arrested Carnes and another man Thomas Anderson, 33, for assault and disorderly conduct. Suge Knight was transported to SHC-Osborn hospital where he was treated for facial injuries. Carnes and Anderson were booked into Scottsdale City jail and are being held in custody. (AZ Family)

Despite Carnes being associated with Akon, the singer was not present at the time of the fight.

Akon was in the Valley for the NBA All-Star Game and attended several celebrity parties. Although the singer was at the hotel earlier that evening, he was not present during the fight, said Scottsdale police spokesman Sgt. Mark Clark. “It broke out and was over in a few seconds,” Clark said. (AZ Central)

Knight was also beaten at a nightclub in California last May.

Knight was outside Shag nightclub in Los Angeles when he got into a verbal altercation with an unidentified man. “I want my money!” Knight allegedly barked at the man, before Knight’s posse beat the guy to the ground. Before hitting the pavement, the man shot Knight a right hook, knocking the 365-pound former football player and bodyguard to the ground where he laid unconscious for three minutes. (Vibe) (source: sohh)


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